Here I list everything else which you may find useful in terms of learning more about these styles of rhythms. I include software programs which cover sample libraries and can be used in music creation programmes. Also I list physical hardware which is dedicated to these styles of percussion.




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by HTP.

HTP-Darbukator series is a virtual ethnic percussion free style players for all popular Middle Eastern rhythms.
- Darbukator Dance (for Kontakt) - Arabian Beats (for Kontakt) - OrienTech (for Kontakt)

- HTP1 Darbukator Maksoom - HTP2 Darbukator Oriental Beats - HTP3 Darbukator Extreme -HTP4 Darbukator Desert Drums.

- HTL1 Oriental Toolkit

- HTL4 Desert Drum Loops

- HTP Darbukator Lite(free)

Welcome to HTT ! As developers of Audio instruments our main goal is to give something new to computer musicians all over the world , Our main focus is the ethnic sounds and rhythms
Do we need another ethnic instrument?
In the big variety of ethnic instruments and libraries around it's hard to answer "yes", But we don’t offer just another instrument, our Darbukator series offer a new way of playing it will give you the natural sound of a real player , You have to listen to believe.
Please check downloads page to download the audio and video demos

Who we are ?
Our company located in Egypt, we started in the year 2000 with a small idea of sampling loops for the local market, the idea evolved to fit the needs of the musicians in Egypt, we started the Darbukator project in 2002 and it took 4 years to finish, and another 2 years of testing with the best musicians in the field
Our partner company Vibration is an audio and video production house founded in 1990, we used their studios for recording and mastering classic and modern ethnic beats from the middle east area , and because we are originally a production house we have the access to all the best percussion players in the region to give you more complexity and quality.

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by Big Fish Audio.

3.4GB collection of exquisitely performed and recorded Arabian percussion loops from master percussionist, Issam Houshan, covering a host of traditional rhythmic styles to create a comprehensive collection of Middle Eastern percussion loops.

Totalling 1,124 loops, Rhythms of Arabia covers Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsum, Saiidi, Chift (Chiftitelli) and Saudi playing styles, all played with authentic instrumentation including Dehollah, Duff, Riq, Tabla and more.

The collection is presented in multiple formats (24-bit Wav, Apple Loops, Rex2) and all loops are tempo labeled.

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by Big Fish Audio.

Roots of the Middle East & North Africa takes you on a journey to countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and more. The most authentic percussion hits and rhythms, straight from these regions, are sure to add the truest sound to any traditional or classic production as well as give dance tracks a flare that is otherwise unattainable.

Adani (from the Adan region, Yemen)
Ayoub Baladi ("country" or from the countryside)
Khaligi ("Gulf", i.e. Persian Gulf)
Maksoum ("divided", i.e. common time or 4/4)
Malfouf ("twisted")
Semmayi Darej ("prevalent," i.e. common or standard)
Taweel ("long")
Zaffe ("clap," used in wedding music)

Please also see review below for HADEETH

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by Big Fish Audio.

Roots of the Middle East and North Africa was produced by classical pianist, orchestral arranger, and synthesist Norair Sarkissian and performed by accomplished percussionists Mark Assaf, Gary Jaklian, Fareed Suleiman and Ghazi Baradah. Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms was produced by drummer, producer, and engineer Ara Antranik. Antranik played the drum kit and sakat (finger cymbals), and master session musician Haytham Ballat played the other percussion.

Each collection consists of a single CD. Although their titles are different, both focus on similar ethnic origins and cross into separate styles. The two also cover a broad swath of rhythms from North African countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt; Saudi Arabia; and the Fertile Crescent (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq).

A number of rhythms appear on both CDs, including Adani (from Adan, capital of Yemen), Ayoub (Persian Gulf), as well as Maksum and Malfouf (both popular Egyptian and Fertile Crescent rhythms). You'll also find examples of Karachi, Falahy (an Egyptian farm rhythm now popular in modern dance music), and Baladi (common across the Middle East) patterns. Rhythms unique to the Roots collection include Katakofi, Bambi, and Sudasi, and those only on Hadeeth include Okruk, Aksad, and Hachah (traditional Iraqi). The spellings of those styles differ on each CD.

Roots focuses completely on hand percussion; Hadeeth adds drum-kit examples to the hand-percussion loops. Both include one-shots of single instruments at the end of each disc. Several instruments appear on both discs, including the tabla (known in the West as the dumbek), the duhollah (a large bassy dumbek), and the tabl (a two-headed drum that is worn around the neck and played with sticks). Hadeeth differs from Roots by adding the contemporary tabla (a plastic-head dumbek), finger cymbals, duff, and tar (a thin-framed drum). Root has its own unique set of instruments, which are the katem (similar to a conga), mazhar (a katem with metal rings around it), merjana, tayaran, and taoyan.

People who are not familiar with music from those regions should be aware that the same instrument can have different names. For example, the Roots instrument listing describes the riq as a Middle Eastern tambourine and mentions that it is also call a daff. However, a daff has a different meaning in some other cultures, in which it refers to a type of frame drum. Moreover, instruments from the Middle East often have similar names. For example, be careful not to confuse a duff (a Persian zarb) with a aforementioned daff.

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by Big Fish Audio.

Big Fish Audio brings you the taste and flavor of the Arabic world with this diverse collection of construction kits from the Middle East.

Producer Ara Antranik delivers an incredible mix of rhythm and passion throughout his second release of the widely popular Hadeeth. Hadeeth 2 includes 66 construction kits in today’s most user-friendly formats?WAV, Apple Loops, REX, and RMX. The 66 construction kits range from 80 to 170 BPM and include exotic instruments such as the duff, mazhar, rak, tabla, sakat, tar, and duhulla. With a full mix of each kit and all the elements broken out into individual loops, it’s easy to capture authentic Middle Eastern flavor without ever leaving your studio.
Unlike the original Hadeeth collection that combined a drum kit with Arabic percussion, this collection (also produced by Ara Antranik) is a pure hand percussion affair. You get 66 construction kits, each containing a full mix plus three to eight individual instrument loops including the duff, mazhar, rak, tabla, sakat, tar, and duhollah (all percussive instruments) played by Haythm Blat. About two dozen different regional and traditional styles are represented, sometimes played at different tempi (ranging from 80 to 180 bpm) or with variations on the same theme.

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by Best Service.

Rare oriental percussion Construction Kits & Single Instrument loops - Real percussive diamonds played by native top musicians Natik & Xeyam, Nistemann Sansar, Celal Sansar, Emrah Sansar, Oezkan & Efkan Durmaz !!!

A huge variety of oriental and ethnic percussion styles in 3/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 10/8, 12/8 measure. User friendly cut, combinable with each other and ready to use also in a 4/4 track!

This acoustic journey takes you from the Caucasus to Balkan, with sonic stopovers in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Persia, Chechenia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq and Macedonia!

113 Construction Kits & 846 Single Instrument Loops
Dual Layer DVD 6,35 Gb (WAV 1,99 Gb)
55 Bpm - 260 Bpm
Multiformat: WAV, AIFF, REX2, SAGE (Stylus RMX)

Nagara & Gosha-Nagara played by Azeri top musicans Natik and Xeyam
Hi- & Bass Darbuka by Nistemann Sansar.
Davul & Bendir by Celal Sansar
Bongo, Tef, Shaker, Tumba, Zil, middleanatolian Spoons by Oezkan Durmaz
Hollo & Udu by Emrah Sansar

12/8 Lezgi - Chechenian folk dance, Persia, Middle Asia
5/8 & 6/8 - East & South Anatolia, Turkmenistan, Arabia
6/8 Azerbaijan, Persia
7/8 & Rumeli - Balkan, Turkey
9/8 Roman - Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia.
10/8 folk music Turkey, Irak
4/4 grooves Ciftetelli, Vahde, Malfuf, Baladi, Maksum, Sebare, Zafa - used all over the Orient.
3/4 classic turkish- & oriental grooves

Efkan Durmaz recorded a big variety of rare oriental grooves in high quality audio. To keep the natural warmth of the original sound, Neumann U87 microphones where used for the whole production.

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by Hex Loops.

Arabic Percussion sample pack is a fresh new collection of awesome arabic and oriental percussion sounds. Recorded with best tool in professional studio environment this loops will spice your music productions and also are just great for film and cinematic productions.

These Arabic Percussion Loops are just the percussion rhythms that will add the authenticity that makes any traditional track or film score come alive, but also modern rhythms that add an edge off to the traditional, and add a new flair to the ancient rhythms that originally inspired dance.

This percussion sounds was recorded by Arabic professionals and contains loops and hits from tabla, taar, duff, tamborine with skin, congas, sakat (hand cymbals) and more.

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by Sonivox.

Silk Road - Stick Drums

These Middle Eastern stick drums are typically used as solo or lead instruments but are also perfect for creating powerful break sections in songs as well; effective for achieving a stylized hybrid of sound with just a delicate touch of the unusual. This Silk Road download collection gives you plenty to work with an expansive palette of single hits, flams, and sampled phrases to get your tracks moving in hypnotic fashion. Collection includes 20 Megabytes comprising High and Low Tombek and Small, Medium, and Large Nagada.

Silk Road - Frame Drums

Featuring drums popular throughout the Middle East and various countries on the African continent, the Silk Road Frame Drum collection will stamp your percussion tracks with an authentic ethnic imprint. 14" and 22" frame drums provide a multitude of articulations and a wide array of single hits, flams, and sampled phrases from which to build a propulsive rhythm bed. Egyptian Riqqs and a Persian Daff will add an appropriate jangle while the Sufi Bandir can be utilized in a variety of percussive applications to splendid effect. Collection includes 14" and 22" Frame Drums, 2 Egyptian Riqqs, Persian Daff, and Bandir Drum.

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by Sonokenetic.

This collection spans a wide variety of Middle Eastern drums and percussion instruments. With a focus on a balanced collection we decided to offer as many performance elements as we could with multi-articulated, round robin, multi-dynamic layered sampled instruments. Each instrument that can be found in 1 of the 10 styles are extensively multi-sampled to provide you with a complete composing tool. There’s much to explore in this collection. Get yourself some inspiration from the top-notch performed percussion ensemble or build your own pallet of playable drums and percussion.

Sultan Drums ships with a user friendly and dedicated interface. It’s designed to work intuitively and give you quick access to this large collection of samples. As a composer you know what you need and we strive to bring it to you fast. With the philosophy of investing our resources in unique and authentic musical culture, we believe that we managed to create another one-of-a-kind with “Sultan Drums”.

All performances are recorded on location in the Middle East with highly schooled, dedicated and talented percussionists. Beating any MIDI performance, a musician will always bring an extra feel to the music that just isn’t possible to recreate with a computer. Therefore Sonokinetic continue to believe in loops of dedicated performance sampling combined with multi-articulated instrument sampling.
.3+ GB sample pool, 1100+ samples
Instruments: Asma Davul, Bass Darbuka, Bendir, Darbuka, Def, Erbane, Hollo, Kabuk, Kup, Parmak Zili, Shaker, Cymbals, Seadrums, rainmaker, rattle, goat bells, chimes, TamTam
Performance styles: Arap, Azari, Ciftetelli, Deve,Halay, Misket, Roman, Sufi, Turker, Wahde
Main Sultan Drums .nki with custom-built interface for layering and combining bespoke combinations of instruments within loops.
Bonus Sultan Drums Instruments .nki containing individual playable percussion samples with multi-sampled, round-robin hits.
FX: 100+ unique and cinematic percussion sound effects
Temposynced & ITM based grouping and mapping for all melodic performance elements. Available for Kontakt 4 Time Machine 2 and Kontakt 5 with Time Machine Pro
Automatic end hit function with multi-sampled, round-robin hits.
Fully controllable pitch, volume and pan for each instrument element within the interfaces
3 band EQ adjustment
Custom Impulse Response reverb setting with adjustable size and wetness
Sonokinetic Sultan Drums designed interface and artwork
Programmed by Son Thomsen
Open Kontakt format for complete user customization
End Users License Agreement (EULA)
Sultan Drums Reference document (PDF)

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by Wizoo.

Darbuka has been discontinued for several years and is no longer being developed or supported.

I include this even though it is discontinued as I found it an excellent resource and if you wish to track a copy down and are able to install it on an old computer you may find it very worthwhile.

Darbuka features 2GB of performances by world-renowned percussionists Suat Borazan and Mohamed Zaki playing authentic instruments such as darbuka, douhola, bendir, riqq, sagat, tura, bongos and shaker. These original multitrack groove performances are derived from the cultures of Algeria, Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nubia, Sudan, Tunisia and Turkey. Styles include Ayoub/Zar, Baio, Chiftetelli, Churchuna, Dabkkah, Darig, Daza, Dishka, Fallahi, Fazani, Karachi, Jirk, Laz Havasi, Libi, Maghrebi, Maksum, Malfuf, Mambo Sudani, Masmoudy Kebir, Nubian Reggae, Nubian Samba, Rai, Roman Havasi, Rumba Khaligi, Rumba Masri, Saidi, Samai Thakil, Sufi, Sudasi, Tom Tom, Wahda, Wahrani, Wals, Zafa and Zorofat.

Both Darbuka and Latigo share the same virtual instrument technology that allows users to customize the performances. Real-time performance controls include :

Tempo scale.
Timing effects (tight/loose, quantize, swing).
Instrument groups.
Pattern complexity.
And more...

The integrated mixer includes independent EQ, punch, and ambience adjustment for each instrument. Users can place instruments freely in one of 15 different surround stages, as well as play patterns, fills, solos, variations and mutes via MIDI keys. Instrument combinations can be stored in 61 scene memories. Outputs are provided main stereo/surround plus 14 individual instruments.

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by Muziki.

Mus2okur Multimedia Encyclopedia of Turkish Music
Learn the fundamentals of Turkish music with audio, visual and animated tools.

I include this even though it is not dedicated to Turkish rhythms. Mus2okur is a software program that teaches the basics of Turkish music. It has been designed for beginners as well as seasoned musicians wanting to discover the longer usuls, less-known maqams and more, you may find it very worthwhile.

Mus2okur includes information on nearly 25000 musical works in its database. Of these works, approximately 1300 are available as sheet music and can be played with MIDI and Turkish music instruments with the score and lyrics displayed on screen in "karaoke" style.

Mus2okur presents the fundamental concepts of Turkish music such as maqam, form and usul with audio and visual examples. The software comes with an expansive database of information on prominent composers, lyricists, compilers and other notable people including photos, biographies and lists of works.

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By Korg.

Korg announces the new Wavedrum Oriental Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer, a limited edition version of Korg's popular Wavedrum designed specifically for Middle Eastern music.

The Wavedrum Oriental boasts a massive infusion of popular, unique and accurate percussion sounds, all playable from the Wavedrum's dynamic rim and real drum head surface. Featuring more programs than the original Wavedrum, it offers new, specialised algorithms and samples designed for the percussionist seeking the very highest quality Middle Eastern percussion sounds.

Percussion of the Middle East owes its groove and exotic atmosphere not just to its non-Western music theory and unique performance techniques, but also to the distinctive sound of specific percussion instruments arising from various musical cultures of the area.

New samples featured on the Wavedrum Oriental are dedicated to various instruments such as Darabuka, Danhola, Drinkga, Sagat, Riq, Def, Tar, Bendir and many more. The striking surfaces of these instruments are simple, yet they are able to produce a wide range of timbres. The Wavedrum is distinguished by its revolutionary synthesis technology and by an interface that allows a direct physical method of performance, making it the ideal instrument for replicating and articulating these exacting sounds.

All of the Wavedrum Oriental's new sounds faithfully simulate the distinctive ways in whichtone is affected by subtle nuances in playing technique and the position of the strike on the instrument – the Darabuka with its thin single skin, the Riq with its single skin and jingles and the dual-skinned Bendir, for example.

The number of preset programs has been increased from the original Wavedrum's, and now stands at 150 editable preset programs, with 150 additional locations to store customized programs.

The Wavedrum Oriental's appearance has also been enhanced. The body is a white tone reminiscent of a high-quality Darabukka's ceramic body, complemented by a deep red wine-colour rim.

An ideal instrument for the percussionist seeking a broader range of sounds, the Wavedrum Oriental will deliver performances that are both traditional and creative.

Rhythms ( BPM )
Maksoum Sarih [160] Arabic Rumba [96] Mallaya [220]
Ayoub [94] Masmoudi [126] Baladi 1 [112] Nobi [95 Baladi 2 [130] Rumba [138] Baladi 3 [130] Saidi 1 [109] Benderi [174] Saidi 2 [120] Eskandarani [140] Saidi 3 [120] Fallahi [220] Saidi 4 [120 ] Gorgina 10/8 [170] Saidi 5 [120 ] Hajaa Soudasi 6/8 [124] Saidi 6 [120 Karatchi [110 Saidi 7 [120 Katakofti 1 [113] Saidi Modern [130 Katakofti 2 [110]Samai [120] Katakofti Modern [113] Shabi [160]
Khbeti 6/8 [152] Soudasi 6/8 [122] Laf 1 [112] Wehda 1 [120 Laf 2 [110]Wehda 2 [120] Maksoum 1 [127] Wehda 3 [120] Maksoum 2 [130] Zaffa [96.

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