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  • Riqs

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    Riqs can be made from various materials both for the shell, the head and the Zills. All can affect the quality of the drum. Generally metal shells are heaviest, hammered Zills sound best but are heavier than basic Zills, plastic heads do not heating and can sound great but aficionados feel the Fishskin heads are unsurpassable.

    Riqs can be pre-tuned with synthetic heads ( no way to alter the tension and pitch ) or with animal skins ( tuneable by exposure to heat ) Or they can be fully tuneable either by an external system, usually involving a metal hoop with bolts and nuts, or internally, usually involving two pieces of shell and internal bolts.
    The external tuning system can make it quite difficult to hold the Riq comfortably and the newer internally tuned Riqs are in my opinion much easier to hold.

  • Payment

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    As I usually only have one example of each drum at any one time, I prefer to create a personalised invoice for each order which will reflect the P+P charges for each order. So there is no option to "Buy It Now"

    Payment can be done through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

    Choose a preferred payment option and then please contact me via the Contact Page to let me know you want the item reserving and how you wish to pay. I will then send you either a personalised Paypal Invoice, the bank details for a transfer of funds or details on where to send a cheque. N.B. orders can only be dispatched once payment has cleared.

  • Postage

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    Postage is extra to the price of the drum and will vary accordingly, there is no set charge per drum as some are heavy than others and I am not trying to make extra money on the P+P - I will calculate a fair and accurate postage quote for you.

    N.B. for orders outside of the U.K. - postage of heavy items like Darabukas can be very expensive adding around £50 - £150 to the total cost, please think seriously if you can afford that before asking me to work out postage costs.

    You may arrange to visit me to try out any drum ( I live in North Yorkshire ) - use the Contact Form to discuss this with me.

Dimensions refer to the actual playing surface of the drum head / skin and then the depth of the shell. The weight is given to indicate how heavy it is to hold.